#weatherkitty draws an audience to Cecil County Sheriff Office’s social media pages

Cecil County Sheriff’s office has gained a lot of attention on Facebook… for photoshopping cats into their weather posts with the hashtag #weatherkitty.

The cat, named Foots because of her tiny feet, has caught people’s attention and has drawn in more traffic to the Facebook page than stories about local heroes.

“When you post positive information and people hit the ‘like’ button, it comes up in their news feed,” Cpl. Michael Kalinsky said. “So when we post wanted photos or seeking info on suspects, we get more responses.”

Kalinsky started ‘shoppin the cat into photos after a “thundersnow” forecast last year. He posted a cat with lightning behind it, and it drew in a ton of “likes.”

“There was another corporal here who dared me to keep doing it,” he said. “I don’t put a lot of effort to make her proportional to the image.”

While he manages the sheriff’s office Facebook page, he is still a patrol corporal. He responds to crime scenes and death, but sees #weatherkitty as a way to “lighten the mood.”

Facebookers have responded positively to the kitty. Comments like, “Can’t wait to see where he turns up next!! Be safe on the roads…” fill the page.

Others just appreciate the kitty’s cuteness. “Love that Kitty!! Soft Kitty, warm Kitty, little ball of fur!!! Thanks for the update,” one person posted on an icy conditions advisory post from March 3.

The small 6-pound cat has garnered plenty of affection and attention in Cecil County.

“She’s a mini-celebrity,” Kalinsky added.

The sheriff’s office is glad to finally see some attention for their quirky posts.

“Weatherkitty helps bring new eyes to the page, which is extremely important to us when we need help or want to publicize a case,” Kalinsky said.

While some agencies struggle to gather the public’s assistance, Kalinsky said they’ve seen faster-than-ever responses since they started photoshopping Foots into their posts.

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Thief Approaches Woman in Car, Swipes Purse: Police

A woman was sitting in her car in the city’s Fishtown section when a man approached and stole her purse on the evening of January 19, police said.

The unknown male walked up to the occupied car, which was parked on the 1300 block of East Montgomery Ave., and ordered her to stay still before he reached in and grabbed her purse and phone, said officials.

He then ran from the scene, according to authorities.

The 35-year-old victim described the thief as a 5’10” with a thin build. He was last seen wearing a black and white cap, black Adidas jacket and blue jeans.

If you have any information about this crime or the suspect, please contact: East Detective Division 215-686-3243.

Story originally published on NBC10.com

2 Masked Gunmen Hold Up 8 Convenience Stores in 4 Weeks: Police

Police suspect that two men are behind eight armed robberies that occured at various convenience stores throughout North Philadelphia in a one month span.

The masked gunmen entered New Life Food Market, located at 2101 York St., on Nov. 15 and demanded money and cigarettes from the store clerk before fleeing the scene, authorities said.

Four days later, the suspects hit another store, North 19th Grocery at 1821 N. 19th St., and took off with a .40 caliber handgun, along with cash and cigarettes, police said.

The pair allegedly repeated the crime at least six other times, hitting Jaer Grocery at 1262 N. 29th St. on Nov. 18; Perelta Grocery at 2938 Oxford St. on Nov. 26; Rodriquez Grocery Store at 1350 N. 29th St. on Dec. 9; Karen Mini Market at 1400 N. 30th St. on Dec. 12; Torres Grocery at 1900 Ringgold St. on Dec. 17; and B & R Grocery at 2601 N. 23rd St. on Dec. 18, officials said.

A dark-colored late model Ford Taurus was spotted circling B & R Grocery prior to the Dec. 18 robbery, investigators said.

Surveillance video shows the suspects covering their faces, but they are both described as roughly 20 years old wearing black hoodies.

One suspect is estimated to be approximately 5-feet 9-inches to 5-feet 11-inches tall with a thin build, and wearing black and oragnge track pants with reflective trim, a black Nike hooded sweatshirt and sneakers.  Investigators describe the second man as 5-feet 11-inches to 6-feet 1-inch tall with a stocky build, wearing a black Nike zip-up hooded sweatshirt, capri-length jeans and sneakers.

Police urge the public to avoid confronting the suspects. If anyone has information on the men’s identities or the robberies, they can contact police at 215-686-8477.

Originally published on NBC10.com