Sway Predicts: Bad News for Joanie

With only 3 episodes left in season 6 of Mad Men, who can help but wonder what will become of our female protagonists? Last week’s episode left Joan in a very unusual place in her career that she hasn’t seen lately, and I don’t think she should expect a call from AVON tonight in “Favors.”

Last week’s episode focused on Joan Harris, a partner who is treated like an executive assistant at best. She’s rarely much more than a background character, but we all know her presence to be quite strong and her personality to be exceptionally resilient. She attempted to get a client independently — which suggests some ignorance to the business structure — and she was to be reprimanded, until Peggy swooped in to her rescue.

Now, who isn’t rooting for Joan in the long run?

She works so hard, after all. But, I have a feeling this week won’t prove favorable. She was quite charming and well-dressed, but failed to drop any witty lines to draw in the AVON representative. I don’t see a good phone call in her future, but I doubt the agency will fire her. She’ll likely stay exactly where she is on the ladder for now.

As for the other characters?

Don’t forget that Ted and Peggy still have some heat between them. Keep your eyes open for any developments there.

This post was originally written for SWAY the Blog

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