Fox Fursday: Lentil Celebrates His First Birthday!

Lentil the dog, who was born with a cleft palate, celebrated his first birthday with FOX 29. He brought inspiration to children, adults and pet owners who deal with cleft palates regularly.

He was fed through a tube as a puppy and some feared he wouldn’t survive. He eventually had surgery to improve the quality of his life, and his owner insists that there has never been any intention to change his appearance.

Lentil now inspires organizations like the Children’s Cranialfacial Organization, which deals with children born with differences to their craniofacial structure.

CCA regularly shares stories and photos from Lentil’s day-to-day to inspire confidence, self-acceptance and overall happiness to both their community and the general population.

For Lentil’s first birthday, Marianne Charbonneau from Just Dogs And Cats woke up early to bring Lentil his very own birthday doggy cake. Despite Lentil’s allegedly picky eating habits, he gobbled up the treat with no problem.

Just Dogs And Cats is currently located at 18th and Chestnut but will be moving to 17th and Samson.

Check out Lentil’s previous appearances on FOX 29.

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