Local Puppy, Once Neglected, Drafted for Puppy Bowl

“I don’t care about the Super Bowl, but we’ll be watching the Puppy Bowl,” Head of New Life Animal Rescue Kim Mangione told Burlington County Times. “We watch it every year, but this year we’ll be watching Jamison. We know he’ll do great.”

The pit bull-terrier mix was rescued by Animal Care and Control Team in Philadelphia when he was less than three weeks old. Soon after, he was transferred to New Life Animal Rescue suffering from worms, seizures, cigarette burns and a variety of maladies.

The Evesham-based shelter took the three-pound pooch to Mount Laurel Animal Hospital, where he was promptly treated.

When Animal Planet contacted the shelter about any playful puppy candidates, Mangione recommended Jamison and submitted pictures and video.

The Puppy Bowl is taped in October, but airs every year on Super Bowl Sunday.

If you’re unfamiliar, here’s all you need to know — it’s a small field filled with puppies and toys. The event is live-tweeted by a bird and features kittens during half-time. It’s the kind of adorable that makes hearts explode with joy.

Tune in this Sunday at 3 p.m

Originally published on NBC10.com

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