Cunningham Piano Company hosted ‘Rolls Royce’ of pianos


Cunningham Piano Company of Germantown, an award winning piano group, was home to a rare Bosendorfer piano, the Opus No. 50000, last month.

Bosendorfer produces roughly 300 pianos per year, and the prestigious company, after more than 120 years in business, created a gold plated piece to be presented at various piano companies around the country.

“We’ve had a few things like this before, but this is an extremely rare piano,” co-owner of Cunningham Piano, Rich Galassini, said. “It’s certainly one of the top. It’s one of the best things I’ve been a part of.”

Galassini said he believes access to a fine Bosendorfer piano could inspire young musicians to continue to pursue the art.

“The labor is the slowest and most careful in the world,” Galassini said. “It takes 10 years to make and producers must spend years learning how to produce the piece.”

The piano company currently houses roughly ten other Bosendorfer pianos in their shop, but the Opus 50000 is one of the rarest pieces to have ever been in the shop.

“The Bosendorfer has been called the ‘Rolls Royce’ of pianos,” Galassini added.

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