Philly Apps That Will Make Life Just That Much Easier

From bus schedules to parking meters, here’s the line-up of apps that make living in and visiting Philadelphia more pleasant.

1. Philly 311

This app is your direct connection to city hall.

  • It offers great features like reporting local maladies in your neighborhood so the city can address them immediately.
  • The app is new and hasn’t received great attention, so it needs feedback from citizens to really make it efficient.
  • You can report graffiti, litter, pot holes and more just with a quick pic and caption — the app links directly to city officials who can take care of the problem in a timely matter

2. SEPTA App

This might be the most important app to have if you commute with SEPTA, especially considering the potential for suspended service.

  • The app offers RealTime views of trolley and bus locations via GPS, so you know when you’re just about catch – or miss – your bus.
  • You can catch updated schedules and find when your train is scheduled to arrive next.
  • The app offers updates to service suspensions, detours and any other bumps in the road, like service closure.
  • All of this is in real time, so it’s no hassle to get an accurate update of detours or locations.

3. Philadelphia Parking Finder

Reality: parking is anywhere from expensive to impossible.

  • This app actually pinpoints the costs of parking in various parts of the city
  • It tells you where you really have no chance… in case you didn’t know that parking in front of a hospital ER entrance is an issue.
  • Take note, tourists: South Philly and North Philly are, not surprisingly, filled with FREE parking opportunities. But, beware the pain of walking almost a mile just to get to your car.

4. Fox 29!

How could we write a list and leave this one out?

  • Get your news up-to-date before the other stations.
  • Weather updates at your fingertips to make your commute as smooth as possible.
  • The app is free on iTunes and compatible with iPad and iPhone with iOS 6 or newer.
  • Gives a clean view of everything we have to offer on our website, optimized for your mobile device
  • Stay in the loop! Don’t lose track of what’s happening around you when you can have the Philadelphia and surrounding area news at your fingertips

5. AroundMe

So, this isn’t just for Philly but golly if you just moved to this city you might find it helpful.

  • Much like TomTom, this app allows you to look for restaurants, gas stations or hotels in whichever city you end up in. Moving to Philly can be overwhelming when tourist-filled hot spots just barely collide with not-so-desirable terrirory. Definitely download this one.
  • No english, no problems. This app is available in German, Spanish, English, French, Japanese and Chinese.
  • Available for iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

6. Free Wi-Fi Finder

Another not-just-philly app… but who doesn’t love free?

  • This app requires 3G or wifi, but actually locates nearby free wifi spots for you to mooch off of instead of wasting precious monthly data.
  • Bookmark your fav. locations so you don’t forget their passwords when you return
  • The app lists more than 145,000 FREE locations worldwide.


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