Canadian Feminine Care Manufacturing Group to Outsource to Delaware

Energizer will consolidate its newer Montreal factory into an existing production facility in Delaware, bringing more than 250 jobs to the Dover area.

The company already owned a Playtex personal care factory in Dover before acquiring Johnson and Johnson’s line of personal care products in 2013. The buyout left Energizer with two production facilities for its feminine care products. Energizer decided to move all the production to Delaware and expand that facility.

“We’re in the process right now,” said Chris Crowelle, Vice President of Operations for Energizer Personal Care. “Since [July] we’ve been in preparation and design phase. The actual move will take place in the next several months. It will expand from now until the middle of 2017.”

While Energizer hopes to bring as many Montreal employees into the new facility as possible, Crowell said only 270 of the jobs will transfer to the new plant. Montreal currently employs more than 400 workers.

Crowelle said he expects few Canadian employees to relocate.

“For those that are willing to come, we will gladly accept them,” he said. “For the majority of positions, we will likely fill from Delaware.”