The Guide to the Best MJBizCon Yet

When you attend MJBizCon, you’re experiencing more than the best B2B cannabis conference: All the best cannabis business resources are at your disposal, and you get to decide how to reap the benefits.

To make sure you’re ready to roll with the elite, we compiled this handy “Best of BizCon” guide.

MJBizCon appMost Useful: MJBizCon App

It’s more than a conference guide: Build your agenda by flagging speakers and sessions you can’t miss this year. Get push notifications you can use, like agenda updates, expo floor hours and more (including the occasional discount!).

Bonus: It’s FREE (And, yes! It’s available in the App Store and Google Play!)


Best-Kept Secret: Factbook Update Release

Our reporters just never stop researching, so six months after its release, get ready for the mid-year update to our 2018 Marijuana Business Factbook. We’re releasing this exclusively to 2018 Factbook buyers during MJBizCon. Anyone who’s already purchased it will automatically receive the digital updates on Nov. 14.

Get the edge: Anyone with the Factbook update will be taking “competitive advantage” to a new level. Thankfully, it’s not too late to qualify: order your Factbook today and be the one who’s in the know!


business crash courseMost Popular: Marijuana Business Crash Course

The number of people who’ve told us they got their cannabiz start with this course is pretty much impossible to track. Designed for entrepreneurs just entering the market, this preconference is THE best resource for newcomers looking to get started. You’ll also hear directly from industry veterans on how to outlast the competition.

The time is now: Don’t let another opportunity pass you by – reserve your seat today.


Women's Networking EventMost Likely to Empower Leadership: Women’s Networking Reception 

Entrepreneurs know that 99% of the time, you’re only as strong as your network. This reception is a platform for women to celebrate each other’s grit and continue closing the gender gap industry wide.

Tickets Required: Click here to join the women at the helm of cannabis today and exchange perspectives on making serious moves up the corporate ladder.


Investor ConferenceMost Distinguished: Marijuana Business Daily’s Institutional Investor Conference (IIC)

This private, single-day conference is designed exclusively for accredited and high net worth investors pursuing investment opportunities in cannabis. Conference sessions include actionable intelligence for investors tied to family offices, banks, hedge funds and institutional investment firms.

Prediction: Timing is everything. Despite the caveats, institutional investors have more opportunities in cannabis investments than ever before. The time to register is now.


affiliated eventsMost Likely to Make an Impact: Minorities in Cannabis Luncheon

Social responsibility is one of the critical spaces where the cannabis industry has an uncommon opportunity to drive real progress. Network with entrepreneurs at the forefront of building diversity into the foundation of modern cannabis. Unpack real strategies to drive inclusive policies and unbiased opportunities at every level.

Make sure you’re in the room – reserve your ticket now.


omniaCoolest Perk: Free After-Parties

With these new events, MJBizCon is embracing Las Vegas as the vibrant destination it truly is. Your MJBizCon badge gets you free drinks at the official Kick-Off Party at Omnia Nightclub on Tuesday, Nov. 13 plus free VIP lane access at some of the trendiest nightclubs around town on Wednesday and Thursday.

Tip: Enter these events and times into your calendar now so you don’t miss a minute of networking time. (And, don’t forget your badge!)


Election 2018Wildcard Factor: U.S. Midterm Elections

It’s been a  historic year for U.S. cannabis: streamlining California’s rec market, regulating cannabis-based pharmaceuticals and subsequently re-scheduling CBD — just to name a few.

Four U.S. states have marijuana on the ballot on Nov. 6, and there’s no doubt midterm elections will determine certain conversations and decisions at MJBizCon.

Prediction: Cannabis legalization is increasingly one of the least partisan issues in U.S. politics. Left to the whim of the voters, all we can do is wait and see. Be prepared with our 2018 Election Coverage.

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How Science and Research Affects Medical and Recreational Cannabis

Does cannabis represent a turning point for the pharmaceutical industry?

Will THC and CBD products redefine how we approach and treat disease?

When will the scientific community find meaningful benefits that debunk the international classification of cannabis as a Schedule 1 narcotic?

The answers to these questions will significantly impact the cannabis industry. Anyone with business interests in marijuana, hemp and/or CBD need to understand the role of science and research in the future of cannabis as a global commodity.

MJBizDaily designs conferences to deliver thorough, straightforward education across all sectors of cannabusiness — ancillary or plant-touching, investing or cultivating, research or retail.

Our science and research track at MJBizConINT’L provides a valuable overview of the latest academic developments paired with actionable solutions for cannabis professionals. Learn how to foster commercial relationships with medical associations, hear the latest in cannabis clinical trials, and find out how universities and governments around the world are playing a major role in the advancement of cannabis research.

Medicinal Research Benefits Recreational Use

Separate approaches to medicinal and recreational markets have benefitted cannabis progress in several ways. MJBizConNEXT Keynote Speaker Kevin O’Leary emphasized the value of approaching cannabis legalization by first lifting federal restrictions on medical use as a precedent for introducing recreational consumption.

“If there was a federally legal, medicinal solution, [lawmakers] would see the taxes and the jobs – and it would make it a lot easier to pursue recreational mandates,” O’Leary said in an interview with MJBizDaily.

Understanding the Science Driving Global Cannabis Research

The Science & Research conference sessions at MJBizConINT’L are thoughtfully designed with a holistic perspective on these questions. The editors of MJBizDaily have selected expert speakers and compiled panels of accomplished professionals to deliver comprehensive analyses of the cannabis industry as it relates to business ventures worldwide.

You’ll see how different nations approach the industry with research, whether by justifying medical applications in the MMJ community or disproving safety concerns curtailing the adoption of recreational use, plus new and surprising developments.

Our Science & Research conference tracks are designed to inform your business decisions

  • How to Use Science & Research to Boost Your Cannabis Business
    Specialists from Colombia and the United States translate technical analysis into practical applications so you can harness science to expand your impact on cannabis. Learn how to turn R&D into licensed intellectual property, develop strong commercial relationships with medical associations and potential distribution partners, and harness additional methods to use science and research for advancement. Learn More >>
  • Latest Academic Research
    In this “one-stop shop” session, cannabis researchers from Israel, Australia and the United States explore academic efforts and advances around the world. You’ll get insights into fascinating aspects of cannabis clinical trials, barriers to cannabis research, and a glimpse at the wide-ranging impacts of academic efforts on the global cannabis market. Plus, you’ll hear updates on the quest to understand the role of terpenes in the entourage effect. Learn More >>
  • The Future of Science & Research
    Experts from Canada, Israel and Peru will share what excites them most about the future of marijuana. Cannabis science is still a young field, leaving scores of questions about marijuana’s effects and applications for modern researchers to explore. Learn which diseases researchers hope to combat with THC and CBD, see new applications for cannabis (like cosmetics and veterinary medicines), and discern the seemingly infinite possibilities for commercial research. Learn More >>

If you’re ready to actively incorporate research into your business strategy, you’ll want to hear from Stephen Konigsberg, managing director and general counsel of Tikun Olam. His session, Business Insights: Creating a “Dual Track” Cannabis Business: Pharmaceutical & Medical/Adult-Use, explores how businesses can operate in both medical and adult-use cannabis.

Despite divisions between the two markets, marijuana is evolving into a commodity attracting major revenue — regardless of how it’s categorized for consumers.

View the full INT’L conference agenda to learn more about our seven distinct speaker tracks, each uniquely designed to inform international business considerations in the cannabis industry.

This blog post was originally published for MJBizTalks