Where Religion, History and Art Meet in Philadelphia

Christ Neighborhood Church is located in the perfect nook for a historical building to grow vines and rest for centuries unseen. Just half a block from second and Market st., Christ Neighborhood would be a great spot for “adventurous” tourists to sneak back and take photos of, but this location is not an abandoned spot in the historical neighborhood and it is not primarily snatching up tourists. The building, renovated in 2010, serves as a host to experimental artists and churchgoers alike: a conglomerate of daily Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, contemporary performances and holy practice in an office space meets American foundation building.



After the 2010 renovation, Anna Drozdowski joined the neighborhood church as the director of programs. “People have been using the neighborhood house since the ’80s,” she notes. “More often we do new and experimental work. The majority of the people that we have here rent the space.” Continue reading

Tangle Movement Arts: Feminism In Action

Tangle Movement Arts is seven-person circus that combines movement with themes of passion and diversity.

The Philadelphia-based group just performed Timelines, which suspends the audience from all predisposed conception of time and reality. The group will performing again on May 3rd, 2014.

Tangle Movement Arts from Greta Iverson on Vimeo.