Seismic Thrust @ World Cafe Live on Monday with Jackie Paper and Astro.

Seismic Thrust is more than just a sex joke or the last few words of a one-liner.

The band has seen rapid expansion in the last few years, going from playing basement shows and suburban churches to landing gigs at Philly venues like the Fire and World Café Live. where they’ll perform Monday with Astro and Jackie Paper (see here for ticket info).

Zach Decker, Tiffany Harris, and Galen Huggins record jammy/folky/pschedelic tunes but perform loud and noisy with hints of punk at certain times. The group has dropped three self-recorded EPs and one full album, all named conveniently after the different times of the year the albums drop: Black Friday Sales was dropped on Black Friday 2011, Spring Breakfast around Easter 2012, and Py Thanksgi on Thanksgiving 2012.

The group formed when they were in the 5th grade, with Harris on drums and vocals, Huggins on bass and Decker on guitar and vocals. Strangely enough, when the group hit the 9th grade, Decker kicked Huggins out of the band. Decker and Harris continued as Seismic Thrust with a random not-so-reliable bassist before they re-accepted Huggins into the group. Instead of being awkward about it, the group puts Decker at the butt of the joke and plays it off as old news.

Today, the group is constantly looking for and playing gigs. Their tragic flaw is one to be kept in mind: they lose equipment at almost every gig they play and they never bother to replace it. When you see them live, there’s a strong chance that they are operating with a lot of borrowed stuff.

They all lead busy lives. Finding time to write songs nowadays is tough but they are trying to put together another full album.

“We don’t want to keep releasing EPs,” said Decker. “We want to wait ’til we have a few songs.”

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