Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats with DANAVA @ Underground Arts.

Six TVs sat on stage, all tuned to static. Uncle Acid was in town.

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats are touring North America for the first time and they kicked it all off last week at Underground Arts.

The English band drew a line around the block early. People shivered anxiously, with excited talk of seeing Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats for the first time live buzzing throughout the night.

When they finally took the stage, Uncle Acid played fan favorites like “Mind Crawler” from Mind Control and “Over and Over again” from Blood Lust.

“I believe in Uncle Acid,” yelled one passionate fan halfway through the show.

“I believe in you, Philadelphia,” said Kevin Starrs, the lead singer and guitarist.

The bandmates’ faces stayed nearly hidden for the entire two-hour set. Their feet were planted by their mics, except during a few rogue stomps. Uncle Acid’s first U.S. tour started well.

Opening for the band was the heavy metal/psychedelic rock group DANAVA. With amps cranked to full volume, DANAVA riffed hard with no real setlist. Occasionally, one bandmate would suggest the next song and the rest would just follow. The group performed a variety of hits from their four albums but “Longdance” from their self-titled album gained the most movement.

Dressed in women’s jeans and sporting hair down to their hips, the DANAVA bandmates’ ear-numbing act was a strong introduction Uncle Acid’s all-American tour.

Originally posted on JumpPhilly.com